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The tropical rainforests are crucial to the Earth’s and our survival. Home to some of the most biologically diverse landscapes in the world, they are also our single greatest terrestrial source of oxygen. Essentially, the rainforests take in vast quantities of carbon dioxide and convert it into clean, breathable air through photosynthesis. Rainforests also provide many valuable medicinal plants that may be the sources of cures for many chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases.

Though the tropical rainforests only cover 2% of the planet’s surface, they are home to two-thirds of the world’s living species. When deforestation occurs, the balance of our eco-system is disrupted and the plants and animals living in rainforests are destroyed, putting many species at risk of extinction. Unfortunately, most of our original rainforests have already been lost or degraded, and according to the Rainforest Action Network, more than an acre-and-a-half disappear every second of every day, which amounts to a rate of 6000 acres every hour.

Tragically, if these rates continue, half our remaining rainforests will disappear by 2025, with none remaining by 2060.

While this site is about our series of dystopian novels, we also want to promote rainforest conservation. The amazing organizations listed below are dedicated to rainforest and animal preservation. Visit their sites to see how you can do your part to help save our precious, beautiful rainforests and the animals that inhabit them. Help us help them so our world doesn’t become a dystopian book.

Nature and Culture International

Nature Conservancy

Planting Peace

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Conservation Fund

Rainforest Rescue Coalition

Save the Rainforest

World Land Trust

Worldwide Fund for Nature